Strefa VIP: Have Fun with Mr Zloty – wrzesień 2009

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A manager is interviewing three prospects, a mathematician, a physicist and Mr Zloty, an accountant. As a final question he asks each one what is two plus two.

The mathematician replies „Well, assuming we are talking standard base 10 arithmetic, I’d say 4”. The physicist replies „Well, ignoring effects of relativity, I’d say 4”. The accountant gets up, walks over and closes the door, then comes back and whispers in the manager’s ear „How much would you like it to be?”


Read the following text about CSR and the role human resources departments can have in promoting it.
Human Resource Departments play a critical role in ensuring that the company adopts Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Furthermore, HR can manage the CSR plan implementation and monitor its adoption proactively, while documenting (and celebrating) its success throughout the company. Human Resources technology can help with a Corporate Social Responsibility program, including reducing the company’s carbon footprint to benefit the planet. Initially, these practices may be considered:
–    Implementing and encouraging green practices
–    Fostering a culture of social responsibility
–    Celebrating successes
–    Sharing and communicating the value of corporate social responsibility to employees and the community

Green practices

Implement green practices to assist in environmental waste reduction, while promoting and encouraging better corporate ethics and long-lasting practices that promote both personal and corporate accountability. The value inherent in embracing green aspects of corporate responsibility is clearly understood, given the direct impact that rising energy and utility costs has on employees’ pocketbooks. Conservation has become an accepted means of making our planet healthier. Reducing each employee’s carbon footprint is a great way of getting energy conservation and recycling waste initiatives off the ground. Here are suggestions to start:

  • Recycle paper, cans and bottles in the office; recognize departmental efforts
  • Collect food and donations for victims of floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters around the globe
  • Encourage reduced energy consumption; subsidize transit passes, make it easy for employees to car pool, encourage staggered staffing to allow after rush hour transit, and permit telecommuting to the degree possible
  • Encourage shutting off lights, computers and printers after work hours and on weekends for further energy reductions
  • Work with IT to switch to laptops over desktop computers. (Laptops consume up to 90% less power.)
  • Increase the use of teleconferencing, rather than on-site meetings and trips.

Culture of social responsibility

Creating a culture of change and responsibility starts with HR. Getting the younger employees, who are already environmentally conscious, excited about fresh Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives is a great ...

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